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The Next Gen Sales Acceleration Academy

£50+ VAT per month
1 x £600 + VAT

The Next Gen Sales Acceleration Academy is an advanced online sales training and membership program with Fiona Challis, a leading sales transformation expert!

The goal of the program and membership is to help IT Sales Professionals like you to master the new rules of selling and become a highly sought after Next Gen Sales Professional. It’s about helping you to reach high performance and your full potential in your role. It's about getting rid of old traditional sales techniques and replacing them with modern day sales techniques and strategies that will deliver results and get you over achieving your sales quota whilst traditional sales people continue to struggle.

By going through this program you will gain clarity on what works and what doesn’t work in a market that is evolving faster than the speed of light! You will gain confidence in your sales approach and your customers will have more confidence in you and you will move from being a traditional IT sales person to a Highly Sought after Next Gen Business Consultant

Start with the 12 Week Sales Transformation Challenge

When you join the academy, you start by completing a 12 week sales transformation program consisting of 9 Key modules

New Modules added Monthly & Access to Monthly Podcasts & Experts

This will give you a fantastic grounding on what needs to change and how to change. However your learning doesn’t stop there as when you join the academy you are also joining a membership community of Next Gen Sales Professionals where you will have access to our private Next Gen Sales Clubs in Facebook, Linked In and Instagram and access to our Next Gen Sales Experts through the monthly podcasts and shows that we run 

More than an Online Training Program

So don’t see the academy as online training, see joining the academy as a journey of transformation where you be travelling in Upper Class with fellow high achievers leading the way to 2020 for the entire year. (PRICELESS)

  • Immediate Access
  • Truly on demand
  • Access on your smartphone, tablet or desktop
  • Bite- Size learning that you can do in a coffee break or lunch break
  • Access to our closed Facebook, Instagram and Linked In Next Gen Sales Club
  • Access to leading industry experts monthly
  • Payment Plan Options

"You are the designer of your own destiny" Tony Robbins 

Investing in the academy means you are investing in yourself, your future and you are taking the driving seat in your sales career!! Congratulions!!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

This academy, the ongoing podcasts and the next gen community that you are joining is very powerful and I’d like to prove that to you. So, I’ve made it completely risk free with our satisfaction guarantee. Start the program and if you don’t feel it’s working for you, simply tell us within 7 days of receiving access and we’ll give you a prompt and courteous refund.


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