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The Next Gen Sales Acceleration Academy


Accelerate Your Sales Results

The Next Gen Sales Acceleration Academy is an advanced online Value Sales Training and membership program designed to help Distributors, Vendors and Partners to overcome one of the greatest challenges they face today……

Getting their Sales People to Evolve as Fast as Technology

With business models transforming to build recurring revenue streams and end users transforming how they prefer to buy sales people MUST transform how to sell to stay ahead of the game.  However, herein lies the challenge as to Transform and Evolve sales people require retraining. Without retraining on the new rules of selling sales people will simply do what they have always done and what worked for them previously.

This is Lose – Lose for both the sales person and their employer

With smart Next Gen Sales Professionals who are already transforming how they sell knowing their worth, and rightly so, the cost of recruiting successful and trained Next Gen Sales People is incredibly high in comparison to the investment of retraining sales people

The cost of Recruiting is much higher than the cost of Retraining

With this in mind I have developed the 12 Week Sales Transformation Challenge

The challenge is designed to help current IT Sales People to understand how the market, the buying process, the sales process and approach and culture of IT sales have changed and how they need to adapt their sales approach to become a highly successful Next Gen Business Consultant.

The challenge is about removing old out of date sales techniques and replacing them with modern day, customer centric sales strategies and methodologies that deliver higher win rates and create a customer for life culture

Start with the 12 Week Sales Transformation Challenge

When your team joins the academy, they will firstly be asked to complete 9 Key Training modules. This will give you team a fantastic grounding on what needs to change and how to change. On Completion and throughout the 12  Week Challenge your team will asked to implement each part of the training and upload their results, videos, recordings so that we can provide instant feedback and coaching along the way.

Instant feedback and coaching along the way

New Modules added Monthly & Access to Monthly Podcasts & Experts

Once the 12 week challenge is complete, learning doesn’t stop there as we understand how quickly the market and technology is evolving and the need to keep your team up to date therefore every  month we run podcasts with leading technology and industry expert so we bring the updates to you instead of your team trying to do everything themselves. We also have new modules, podcasts and interviews added monthly to our dedicated Next Gen Sales Clubs so your team is constantly upskilling and staying ahead of the game.

More than an Online Training Program

So don’t see the academy as online training, see joining the academy as a journey of transformation where your team will be travelling in Upper Class with fellow high achievers and Next Gen leaders the way to 2020 for the entire year. (PRICELESS)

  • Immediate Access
  • Truly on demand
  • Access on your smartphone, tablet or desktop
  • Bite- Size learning that you can do in a coffee break or lunch break
  • Access to our Next Gen Clubs
  • Access to leading industry experts monthly
  • Monthly reporting on progression and completions

Tiered Pricing Options For Business and Corporate Teams

Investing in the academy means you are investing in your team, your future and you are taking the driving seat in a massive transformational journey however I also understand how limited training budgets can be therefore to assist you I have created a tiered pricing model which means a lower investment per learner for multiple licenses into the academy and membership community. To Request Pricing please tell me a little about the size of your team below and I will be in touch shortly with a bespoke quotation.


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